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The Outreach Sailing Program uses modern positive and inclusive coaching techniques combined with a safety boat, and a fleet of RS Fevas. This program is the perfect class for any 10-13 year old who is or who would like to begin their journey in sailing. 

The Program’s five core values- Respect, Effort, Inclusiveness, Student Voice, and Fun- manifest during each practice through Habits of Excellence, actions that each sailor will take to demonstrate those values. Sailors will be challenged to think outside the box and to grow not only as a sailor but as a person in order to grow their confidence. Sailors will work on building their water comfortability, learn to speak up for themselves and others, understand and respect their sailing environment, as well as have a ton of fun out on the Chesapeake Bay!


Informed by the latest research in positive youth development and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s American Development Model, the Outreach Program helps youth set up a growth mindset for lifelong play and problem-solving beyond the sport of sailing! The goal is to recruit new sailors in the sport by starting with a solid foundation of seamanship and safe boating, and providing ongoing opportunities to develop racing, leadership, and career skills. 

Learn how to apply for a scholarship to this program at!

Outreach Sailing Program
Fall & Spring Learn-To-Sail - 6 Week Sessions
Spring 2024 Dates:
Thursdays May 2  - June 6
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