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Fall Opti Program

Fall Opti Sailing is one of the most fun and challenging programs BCSC offers. We treat sailboat racing just like some people see soccer or lacrosse. Students show incredible dedication by attending practices after school and then doing their homework in the evening. It is worth it though... the breeze on the Chesapeake in the  Fall is exceptional. To participate, students must be able to sail and want to race.


-Opti Fall: $300

-Boat Charter: $50

-Admin fee: $10



Stay tuned for more information soon!

Gear for Fall:

-Often times the fall is wet, always keep basic rain gear in your bag.

-Shoes (old sneakers are fine) are mandatory, barefoot sailing is not allowed!

-Lifejackets will be provided.

-On cold or rainy days a winter hat is required.



-For practice parents coordinate carpools to and from the sailing center each day.

-There is an app parents have used in the past.

-We also carpool to regattas.

-It is best to have a snack ready for the trip to and from the center. 



-Sailors must have a reusable water bottle with them at all practices and regattas

-Sailors must also have a bailor with them at all practices and regattas

-Also, even in the evening sunscreen is a good idea.


Fall Opti Team

Owen Bott

Spencer Bruning

Kaia Deane

Maddie Deane

Jackson Hammock

Julia Kozlowski

Marcus Kozlowski

Lily Maloney

Lucas Panfile Kimball

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