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Baltimore County Sailing Center and Pride of Baltimore II Announce Summer Camp Partnership

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


The Baltimore County Sailing Center (BCSC), located in Rocky Point Park, will be partnering with tall ship Pride of Baltimore II to customize a two-week Eagle Beginner Sailing Camp Session 3 on July 19-30, 2021.

The Pride of Baltimore session will be open to campers age 13-18. There will be six full scholarships offered for campers, funded by Pride of Baltimore, Inc., and selected by application. Camps run Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Bus service to and from camp will be offered on multiple routes.

Sailors will learn the fundamental skills of sailing but, most importantly, will develop confidence on the water. The program will be hosted in BCSC-owned boats. By the end of their first week, sailors will venture to Hart Miller Island across Hawk Cove for a picnic lunch. During graduation at the end of their second week, sailors will have the opportunity to show their families all they have learned. Your amazement with their skills will be matched by their sense of accomplishment. ​​​

· Rigging and derigging

· Capsize and recovery

· Boater safety

· Launching and landing

· Tiller steering

· Tacking and gybing

· Points of sail

· Seamanship

During the second week of the program, Pride of Baltimore II staff will be onsite with us to present some unique aspects of tall ship sailing and specific design characteristics of the Baltimore Clipper style vessels. This is an opportunity to learn about local sailing history on the Chesapeake Bay.

After the program ends, each sailor in this session, along with an adult chaperone, will be offered an opportunity to participate in a 2- to 3-hour sail aboard Pride of Baltimore II.

Please email for a link to the scholarship application. For more information on the Baltimore County Sailing Center, or to register for any of the BCSC Summer Camp programs, please visit

For more information on Pride of Baltimore II, please visit


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