Administrative Staff


Lucas Fox

Head Instructor

Lucas is a fantastic team member! He started in our summer camps and went through the high school sailing program, and is now an instructor on this fifth year with us! Lucas loves getting out on the water as much as he can. He races on Wednesday Nights in Middle River as well as races in college for Syracuse University.

Heather VandenBurg

Health Officer


Heather is a third-year instructor here at BCSC. She loves Science! She has tons of fun hands on experiments to teach the students all about the sciences that surrounds us! 

Learn to Sail and Adventure Program Sailing Instructors

Sarah Young

Osprey Instructor

Sarah has been a part of the BCSC family for what seems like forever. She loved camp so much that she decided to be a part of it as an Instructor!


Hailey Austin

Osprey Instructor

Hailey is a second-year instructor here.  She has been a part of our team for forever. She has gone though our camps, and has graduated from our High School Sailing team this past spring. She will truly be missed on the team! She will be attending Salisbury University in the Fall.


Jacob Travoto

Eagle Instructor

Jacob will be with us for his third year. We are very excited to have him back! He has been a part of our summer camp, high school race team, and now the instructor team. He is part of the sailing team at the University of Maryland!

JJ DeVoe

Eagle Instructor

JJ and Sarah took the level 1 course together. This is his first year at BCSC after teaching at Havre de Grace youth sailing last year.

Hawk Race Team Coaches


Niall Shannon

Race Coach

This is Niall’s first year with us! Prior to joining us this summer he sailed for Syracuse University Sailing team and coached at his local yacht club.  Niall loves to get out on the water and plans on enlisting in the Coast Guard this fall.

 Chesapeake Experience Instructors

Anthony Bosco

Chesapeake Experience coach

Anthony has been with us for many years. His favorite part of the Chesapeake Experience Camp is to lead all the kids on adventures of a life time. He will take your kids kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and even on a sailing experience! Anthony loves coming to the center for Beach and Boats, since he learned how to sail in one our our Adult Sailing Classes (if your lucky he maybe will bring his guitar).

Counselors In Training


Isabell Karr

Counselor trainee


Fun Fact: Izzy used to show cows!


Reese Meyers

Counselor trainee

Fun Fact: Reese has raced every race boat at the Sailing Center including: Optis, FJs, 420s and even the Merit 25! 


Olivia Yazigi

Counselor trainee

Fun Fact: Olivia is worked with her sister to set up our Spanish Sailing Program (where sailing is taught entirely in Spanish). 

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Finn Parkinson

Counselor trainee

Fun Fact: Finn is an avid Boy Scout and went camping in the desert this summer!

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Colin DuBose

Counselor trainee
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Dale Roe

Counselor Trainee

Windsurfing Instructors

Tom Sargent

Daphne Lathouras