BCSC is offering a 6-day sailing course for Home School Students on Thursdays, beginning on Thursday, September 9th. The course is ONLY being offered to those students that attended the Spring 2021 Home School course at BCSC.

There will be a refresher session on all the skills that we learned in the Spring Program. The course will then focus on giving the students the time in boats, on the water, to practice those skills. Individual student needs and competency will be assessed so that we can tailor their experience and make the most of practicing learned skills and learning appropriate new skills.

Depending on individual requests and the number of students registering for this course, kayaking will also be offered.


Course Specifics

Day:                  Thursdays beginning of September 9th

Duration:          Six (6) weeks

Time:                10:00AM – 2:00PM

Make up day:  We will attempt to schedule a make up day for any weather cancellations on a weekday other than Thursday.


Cost:                  Pilot Pricing Continues at $25.00 per student per day*


* Please note that this Pilot Pricing will be increased significantly if this program continues in 2022.

If you are interested in enrolling your student in this program, please contact Randy Dulin via email:


Boating on the Bay for Homeschoolers—Session Details


  • Learn water safety / boating safety

  • Sessions will be both on land and water.


Sailing Skills and Objectives:

  • Components of a Sailboat

  • Points of Sail

  • Sailing Safety

  • Rigging a Boat

  • Basic Sailing Techniques

  • Knot Tying

  • Wind Power for Transportation – the science of sailing

  • High Level Navigation of waterways

  • Weather/Wind Pattern Changes

  • Critical Thinking Skills



Kayaking Skills and Objectives:

  • Basic/intermediate skills and terminology

  • Proper kayak entry and exit

  • paddle strokes kayaking. 

  • Develop appreciation for our local environment

  • Build confidence and Life Skills.