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The Baltimore County Sailing Center is a non-profit sailing center that flourishes because of its volunteers! Volunteers not only make the Center operate but successful! Below are our volunteer group in which are available to join!


A skilled group of volunteers are working together to obtain grants for our Community Partnership programs, allowing us to do more!


Our events range from parties to regattas and can be completed without the help of everyone!

Sailing Classes

Our Community sailing classes are run by volunteers ad overseen by an instructor. This allows our students who need it most personal attention. 


Our facilities are maintained by volunteers. They do everything ranging from keeping boats up and running to painting buildings.

Winter time is a slow time for volunteering at the Center, however we are improving our volunteer network. 

Please email if you will be interested in volunteering once the water gets warm!

Our Volunteer Bob Battista has

been named by Spinsheet "Volunteer of the Year" for 2018!

Help Bob out and join his team!

BCSC 30th Anniversary Volunteer Appreciation and Community Open House

Please join BCSC for our 30th Anniversary Celebration that will include Volunteer Appreciation and a Community Open House.


Saturday, September 17, 2022 @ 2-5pm at BCSC


BCSC is a non-profit community sailing center.  This event will celebrate all of our indispensable volunteers who work to keep things running smoothly.  It will also be an opportunity for new volunteers to find out how to get involved at BCSC and what volunteer positions are needed.  Registrants will have the option to take out sailboats, kayaks, and/or stand-up paddleboards.  

Cost: Suggested donation of $5/person via PayPal.  Light refreshments will be provided.



PayPal Donation Link

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