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… because it’s your bay to love!

When you make a donation to the Baltimore County Sailing Center, you empower us to protect the Chesapeake bay, provide scholarships to those less fortunate, bring our community together on the water, and grow well into the future as your place to access and enjoy the lake. Your gift puts more of your neighbors in touch with a healthy lake so they’ll have the chance to experience all the reasons why so many people love the Community Sailing Center so much.


Here are a few ways to donate:

Gift of cash

This is the most common form of contribution to the Baltimore County Sailing Center, and is not subject to gift or estate taxation. To make a financial donation to the BCSC, please make your check payable to the Baltimore County Sailing Center and mail it to 2200 Rocky Point Rd, Baltimore, MD 21221. Or you may use your credit card to make a secure online donation below. Thank you!

Donors who gift $1000 or more will be included into our  Community Anchors Circle

Gift of Assets

This can include stocks, bonds, and property (real estate and personal property such as boats and other assets). These not only provide you with charitable deductions, but often offer additional tax savings as well. Stock transfers can be made by contacting our Director at

Equity assets can be donated to:
Baltimore County Sailing Center

2200 Rocky Point Rd. 

Baltimore, MD 21221

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