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Tender Bridge Program

For over 20 years BCSC has been a partner with the Tender Bridge organization to help the at risk youth of Baltimore.

 The Tender Bridge Organization brings kids, ages 6-18, to the center in the evenings once a week and our staff teaches them how to sail. Everyone gets out on a boat, even Noel, the director of the program! These kids are not scared of sailing one bit! In fact, they are some of our fastest learners here! BCSC is doing more than just teaching skills of sailing, we are providing these kids with a safe place, a place for them to be kids, a place for them to have fun, and a place for them to belong.


 Although our staff teaches these kids how to sail, they often teach our staff more! They teach our staff important life skills. This is one of our favorite programs to run! We love seeing these kids week and after week and become quite close to them. 


For a weekly update on their lives Noel posts on the Tender Bridge organization Facebook Page,  check it out! 

Check out their Facebook page and their website.

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