12 Blue Dragons 

The Blue Dragon Pram is a durable, self-bailing dinghy that is a perfect training boat for beginner sailors. The simple design is very low maintenance, and offers a platform very similar to an Optimist for kids to get excited about sailing.

30 Optimist Dinghies 

Originally designed in 1947, the Optimist Dinghy has become the world standard as both the introductory junior trainer and a premier one design racing class. It is the only sailboat designed specifically for children allowing them to learn the essentials of sailing without danger or fear. It is also the biggest and fastest growing racing class in the world with over 300,000 hulls built worldwide.

18 FJs (Flying Juniors)

FJs are a standard in high school and college programs. This boat is a great entry boat for our sailors who or moving up to double handed boats as well as our sailors looking for summer adventure sailing. Our high school and college programs train in these boats throughout the Spring and Fall.

18 420s

The Club 420 is a two person dingy which forms the base of many local, high school and collegiate programs in North America. Simple for beginning sailors and yet challenging enough for collegiate champions. The Club 420 offers more learning opportunities than any other double-handed boat. The travel racing team competes in these boats around the Chesapeake Bay all summer. Our high school and college programs train and compete in these boats all Spring and Fall.

12 RS Fevas

The RS Feva is a new high performance two person dingy. They are new to the United States but very popular in Europe. High performance does not mean beginners can't handle them! These boats will be ideal for the child who is sick of the Opti because it is not exciting enough for them. They have an asymmetrical spinnaker and will sail fast.

4 Lasers

The laser is a one person dingy which  can be sailed by "teenagers" and adults alike. It is one of the most popular single-handed boats in the world. It is simple to rig but it is still very fast. This class provides very competitive racing. 

3 Thistles

The Thistle is a 17ft high-performance one-design racing dinghy, also used for day sailing. They are primarily used in the Thursday night races by experienced sailors. Three person crews sail these powerful and fast boats.  We also use these boats in the Sea Scout program.

4 Daysailors

Our Daysailor Fleet is getting bigger by the day. Currently it consists of one Flying Scott, one Catalina Capri, One Surprise, and one Topaz Argo. They can comfortably fit 3-4 people on the boat. These boats are used in our adventure sailing program and during our Beach and Boats program (where you can take them our for rentals)!

4 Catamarans 

Our Catamaran Fleet is new to the center this summer. We currently have one Hobie Wave and one Topaz 14, both used in our adventure programs and Beach and Boat Rental program. We also have 2 Hobie 16s that the Special Olympic sailors are using for training. 

2 Keelboats

Our Keelboat Fleet consists of two Merit 25s. These boats are 25 ft in length. They have a keel, which requires at least 4 feet of water, unlike the rest of our fleet. They can comfortably fit 4-5 people on the boat. These boats are used in our adventure sailing program and during the Wednesday night racing Glemar Series. 

8 Windsurfers

The fleet consists of a variety of windsurfer sails and boards to support all of our windsurfing camps. 

24 Paddle boards

The fleet consists of 24 new SUP ATX beginner paddle boards 

24 Kayaks

The fleet consists both single and tandum sit on top new Ocean Kayaks 

23 Powerboats

The fleet consists of a variety of boats to support all of our on the water activities. Ranging from 13-20ft, these boats serve as safety, coaching and regatta support boats.

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