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Spring 2024 Registration Coming soon

Please check back for a registration link.  We are offering the first slots to those who have already emailed us with inquiries.  Classes begin Tuesday, May 3rd.  


Adult and Family Beginner Sailing

Using a very small instructor-to-student ratio, adults learn to sail over four different classes. Skills such as basic boat maneuvering, capsize recovery, sail trim and steering will be covered.  No prior experience is required, however, it is important to note there is some physical nature of small boat sailing.   Please email Ellen for details and to register.



1st Class - After introductions and course outlines, sailors will learn how to set up and put away their boats. Afterward, we will introduce the wind theory and basic sailing concepts. Sailors will get wet learning how upright a flipped boat! Once comfortable with the boats, students will go sailing with an instructor on board.


2nd Class - Sailors review what they learned in the first class, so make sure not to forget! They will then set up their own boats, with instructors at the ready for questions and help. Then the FUN will commence, students set sail.  For the most part, instructors will be in powerboats right next to the students sailing on their own.  Typically, sailors are able to practice steering and tacking in both light and heavier air this day.

3rd Class - Sailors will be introduced to new directions of sail,  gybing, and upwind sailing. Sailors will practice these skills on the water. Upwind sailing is historically the most difficult part of sailing, so instructors will use diverse teaching methods and will leave time at the end of class for lots of questions.

4th Class - On the last day, the sailors have already been taught the necessary sailing skills so we will spend lots of time on the water practicing. This will be a great opportunity to continue practicing their skills with a safety boat out on the water. 


This option is only open to prior graduates of BCSC's Adult Learn to Sail course.  This is the next step up from the beginner course. This course is more geared to the individuals in the class, the instructor will identify skills that can be taken to the next level and create a course specifically for the sailor.  This course will have an emphasis on communication in the boat as well as confidence. 

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