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Sailing 201, 202, and 203 Eagle  (Ages 13-18)

Eagles will sail double-handed F(lying) J(uniors)/FJs, Fevas, or 420s. The curriculum for each program below is designed to prepare sailors for the next level. In fact, it is possible for a brand-new sailor to move through Sailing 201 in Session 1 to Sailing 202 in Session 2 and then begin racing or adventure sailing in their very first summer on the water. Some sailing groups may be merged depending on the number of campers registered and their incoming skill levels. Please review the skills development plan for each level, select a session, and click below to login to the registration system. We can't wait to see you at BCSC this summer!


Sailors will learn the fundamental skills of sailing but most importantly develop confidence on the water. By the end of their first week, sailors will venture to Hart Miller Island, across Hawk Cove for a picnic lunch. During graduation at the end of their second week, sailors will have the opportunity to show their families all they have learned. Your amazement with their skills will be matched by their sense of accomplishment.

  • Rigging and derigging

  • Capsize and recovery

  • Boater safety

  • Launching and landing

  • Tiller steering

  • Tacking and gybing

  • Points of sail

  • Seamanship


Sailors will continue to build upon their fundamental skills and develop more comfort and control in their boat. They will work on sailing upwind efficiently with more precise steering. Sailors will also move to the next level in seamanship, learning more advanced rules of the road, understanding navigation markers, and more. During their intermediate course, they will have some exposure to racing and adventure sailing and will be prepared for the next phase of their sailing journey into HAWK LEARN TO RACE or EAGLE ADVENTURE. 


  • Refresh beginner skills

  • Boater safety

  • Close hauled sailing

  • Wind shift patterns


This group of sailors will take their skills to the next level in a fun but academic way.  They will plan trip, optimize routes, evaluate weather and tides and log their experiences on the water. Sailors will be introduced to boat maintenance and repair and have the opportunity to sail one of the BCSC centerboard sloop sailboats or catamarans. Along with advanced seamanship, they will plan virtual trips using electronic navigation systems. By the end of the program, your sailor will be a valuable crew member on your next family cruise!

  • Refresh intermediate skills

  • Performance sail trim

  • Navigation

  • Float planning

  • Tides and currents

  • Jury rigging

  • Advanced Seamanship

  • Right of way

  • Intermediate boat handling

  • Intermediate seamanship

  • Introduction to racing

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