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Baltimore County Sailing Center is seeking help in sustaining and growing the Siebel Sailors Youth Program at the Baltimore County Sailing Center (BCSC).  Sailing has historically been a sport of privilege and this exceptional program is dedicated to getting kids from all backgrounds exposed to sailing.


The BCSC and US Sailing have recently partnered (2019) with the Siebel Sailors Youth Program.  This innovative program is driven by increasing the opportunity and promoting diversity in the sport of sailing.  This program goes far beyond teaching kids to sail.


The Siebel's five core values – RESPECT, EFFORT, INCLUSIVENESS, STUDENT VOICE and FUN – manifest each day through Habits of Excellence and actions that all sailors take to demonstrate those values.  Informed by the latest research in positive youth development and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s American Development Model, the Siebel Sailors Program helps youth set up a growth mindset for lifelong play and problem-solving beyond sports.


Fun: We are free to find our own enjoyment and play within a supportive community.


Effort: We do our best every day.


Respect: We grow appreciation and responsibility for ourselves, our team, and the sailing environment.


Student Voice: We speak up and collaborate with each other to shape our own learning and sailing experiences.


Sailing is for Everyone: We support an inclusive community with diverse activities that encourage everyone to participate.


The Baltimore County Sailing Center in Essex, MD runs 2-week summer programs from 9-4 each day from June through August.  BCSC would like to invite qualified Siebel Youth Program Sailors to attend a camp session free of charge. The cost is $900 per sailor/camper and BCSC has a goal to sponsor 10 campers for 2022.


I am reaching out to you to support a camper and Sponsor a Sailor. We have multiple levels of giving possible:


Full Rig--Support a full summer camp session for a camper $900

Mainsail--Support ¾ of a summer camp session for a camper $675

Spinnaker--Support ½ of a summer camp session for a camper $450

Headsail--Support ¼ of a summer camp session for a camper $225

Rudder--Support summer camp for a camper $100



We hope BCSC will have your support to grow the Siebel's Youth Sailing Camp in Baltimore County. We have several ways to thank our sponsors and can discuss those options on an individual basis.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information about this amazing program.


Please watch this YouTube video to learn more about the Siebel Sailing Program:




Please consider sponsoring a Sailor this summer! 


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