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Eastside Family Shelter Program

To give kids a reason to smile.

EFS is a wonderful organization that BCSC is happy to start a program with this year. EFS is not your standard homeless shelter. It is a temporary home which works to improve family lives. It gives  families three months of shelter,  food, and services to help them get back off the streets. 

The children of these families are often times stuck with nothing to do. They are upset and embarrassed that their family is in the shelter. That is where BCSC comes in! 

The center has set up a new program for these children to get out of the shelter and get a new experience. All summer long they come down to the center and experience the water, beach and park. They get the full Chesapeake experience! Without this program many will have never gotten the chance to swim in the bay. The kids will learn how to kayak, and fish. They will also learn STEM activities and even go for a sail! 


We look forward to helping these children develop life skills through being on the water and at the same time create positive friendships and memories as their families fight homelessness. We are so thankful for our partners that are helping to make this happen(more signing on each day)!

Find out more on their website.

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