BCSC has teamed up with EMPOWER 4 Lifes' Camp Quest. We have brought 14 students from a homeless shelter to the sailing center once a week to have our Chesapeake Experience!  


The shelter space available for activity is very limited. Giving the children an opportunity to be active is vital to their overall health, so we teach them that exercise can be a fun lifetime activity.


Health and fitness lessons will be age appropriate and will be designed to help children keep a healthy weight, build and keep healthy muscles, joints and bones, be more attentive at school, sleep better at night, feel less stressed and fatigued and maintain a positive sense of self-esteem.

Although time at BCSC maybe fun they are learning a whole lot. This group has been learning how to sail, fish, kayak, and paddle board! They are also learning life skills such as balance, independence, responsibility, and  self confidence. 

Visit their website for more information. 



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